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is DOWN and needs an update ASAP! Last December, in just one month, nearly a half a MILLION people were impacted by the thousands of inspirational images shared on Facebook by users. We are launching this campaign to help fund it. Will you help us get it back up again? Not sure what Purpose PIX is?

P.S. If you can't support this cause now, can you at least SHARE this? Many others may support this MISSION simply because you shared.

Somthing for YOU! We have created several options for you (A thru D) with a small return to you, a little way to 'THANK YOU' for your support. There are some pretty cool benifits available so be sure to read them under the GIVING OPTIONS below. So not only will you get the JOY of knowing your gift is helping reach HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, but you can even be a UNIQUE part of it. See the GIVING OPTIONS below and read the benifits available for you.

GIVE Any Amount! You don't have to choose one of the GIVING OPTIONS to be a part of this MISSION. You can give $1.00 if you want. In fact, if all the users of Purpose PIX only gave $1.00, then we would be totally set. Then we could easily build more amazing features to the app and add many more overlay options for users. For anyone who gives any amount, even $1.00, we will have a Mass offered for those people on January 1st, asking God to bless them, their family and work, especially in 2017. You can choose to give any amount using the button below.
A) It's a DRAW! With a $25 GIFT you will be automatically entered into a DRAWING for a CHANCE TO WIN the opportunity to commission a new overlay design. The same benifit as
below. SEVEN RANDOM PEOPLE will be chosen as WINNERS! Once the 7 WINNER designes are completed we will email everyone who donated $25 and allow you to see the fruit of their work.
A: GIVE $25.00

B) YOUR IDEA Brought To Life! You get to be involved in a NEW DESIGN for an overlay. Yep, you give us an idea and we will design it and make it an overlay for the world to see. The image you commissioned can be used on any Facebook profile. How exciting!

You can REJOICE knowing that your $250 support gift helped put your design concept before the eyes of people all over the world for years to come. IMAGINE how many lives can be touched through your idea that YOU helped bring to life.
B: GIVE $250.00

C) Totally Dedicated! Have an image DEDICATED to someone you love or a cause you are passionate about. Not only will you get to help
design an image,
but you will also get add text above your image DEDICATING it. Perhaps it could be a MEMORIAL to a love one, a prayer request or simply in honor of some SAINT or DEVOTION. Take a look at these:

For a GIFT of $500 you can make it all happen. Learn more on how this process works here:

C: GIVE $500.00

D) The Missing LINK! Add a LINK to your business, organization or cause above any image by giving a support gift of $1,000. See some examples here:

We will
design an image
for you and add your text and LINK above the image.

Learn more on how this process will work here:

D: GIVE $1,000

The Most Outstanding & Amazing Person In The World AWARD! Some people are financially blessed to be able to FUND THIS APP with one single gift. If you are one of these BLESSED SOULS and choose to FUND THIS APP, then I can't thank you enough. However as a small token of thanks we will
design 10 images
for you, with 10 DEDICATIONS and 10 LINKS, one on each of the 10 DEDICATIONS. These links WILL NOT have a 2 year time limit like the 1k donations, but the LINKS will remain above the images for the entire life time of the App.

Learn more on all the many benifits we will offer you for entirely funding this app here:


That's All Folks! If you have any questions for us then please send us an email at: advocate@PrayTheRosary.com. Thank you for reading all of this. May God bless you ONE HUNDRED FOLD for your generosity. I know HE WILL. Don't forget to SHARE this! By SHARING thousands of others can see this and choose to also be a part of this MISSION. ~ Jesus I Trust In You!